Aveda Colour Conserve

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Coloured hair needs special care and attention to keep it vibrant, glossy and strong. As the hair has been chemically treated, it can become weakened and dull, so it needs a specially selected routine that will nourish, protect and keep the colour shiny.

The Aveda Color Conserve collection has been formulated with a blend natural plant extracts that help to gently cleanse away dulling impurities without stripping away any of your hair's colour. As a result, hair resists fading and stays vibrant, soft and healthy for longer.

Color Conserve has 4 hero products, which all work in synergy with each other when used collectively to really keep your coloured locks looking lovelier for longer. The Color Conserve Shampoo has been formulated to cleanse without stripping, while the Color Conserve Conditioner helps to hydrate and seal in the moisture, which keeps the hair fibre plump-up and healthy, so colour appears more vibrant and glossy. The Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment is brilliant at helping to strengthen the hair fibre, so hair remains less prone to breakage, while the Aveda Daily Color Protect is a leave-in-treatment that helps to shield hair from environmental aggressors and UV damage so colour remains super vibrant.

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