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Dry hair and signs of dehydration can be caused by multiple factors. Environmental aggressors such as the temperature, UV rays and pollutants, as well as lifestyle habits such as stress, fatigue and lack of sleep can all be contributing factors, and we know it can be hard to treat each one, which is where the Aveda Dry Remedy haircare collection comes into play.

Formulated to relieve and restore signs of dehydration and dryness, each product in the range works to flush the fibres with moisture and balance out levels of hydration. The Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo is one of the best shampoo's for dry hair thanks to its nourishing formulation. It has a sulphate-free formula, and instead contains organic plant and flower extracts to cradle the hair with moisture and get it plumped-up, glossy and healthy.

The rest of the Aveda Dry Remedy collection has been designed to work in synergy with one another; each one building on the rest to deliver a fabulous head of hair once styled. The Dry Remedy Conditioner helps to seal in moisture and prevent it from escaping, so hair remains protected even when exposed to environmental aggressors. For a nourishing treatment, incorporate the Dry Remedy Treatment Masque into your haircare routine. It's Deep-Moisture Complex repairs areas of dehydration and gets dry hair to become hydrated, healthy and super soft. For a daily boost of moisture, use the Dry Remedy Daily Oil. It can be applied directly onto damp or dry hair and keeps it soft, nourished and protected.

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