Aveda Dry Remedy

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Is your hair dry and brittle? Difficult to manage? We have the solution in our Aveda Dry Remedy range of products, scientifically formulated to drench dry and brittle hair with moisture, restoring suppleness and strength to each hair from scalp to tip.

Aveda Dry Remedy products are cleverly designed to deliver exceptional moisture to thirsty hair, and keep it there for longer. The formula has the dual purpose of ensuring your hair does not suffer from further damage, while at the same time giving back strength and shine. Because they contain only the purest natural flower and plant extracts, the shampoos are mild enough even for daily use, and the conditioners protect the hair from the daily assault of styling, weather and urban pollution.

If your hair is looking brittle and dry, it’s time to give it the ultimate moisture boost with Aveda Dry Remedy.

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