Over processed hair

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A blow dryer addiction can be hard to beat, so give your hair a helping hand with our selection of Biolage Over Processed Hair Products. These are ideal for hair that is crying out for some TLC. If you use heated styling tools, or your hair has undergone chemical treatments, these products will help restore it.

How do you know if your hair will benefit from these nourishing products from Biolage? Take a look. If it's dry, brittle, or prone to breakage, then the chances are that it's been damaged internally. You may also find that brushing becomes difficult, thanks to excessive tangling. Luckily, this range of hair care products is packed with potent ingredients that will moisturise and rebuild.

Use these Biolage products regularly to enjoy softer hair. You'll see fewer tangles and knots when you're brushing it, and you can enjoy sleeker locks that are smooth and silky to the touch, with less dryness and frizz.

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