Bumble and Bumble Conditioner

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Whether you’ve got super long locks or a short and sweet bob, conditioning your hair is as essential as cleansing your face. Conditioners help prevent breakage, smooth the hair cuticle and deliver deep moisture while softening and detangling. Our range of Bumble and Bumble Conditioners offers everything from deep treatments and volume building formulas to super-rich repair and conditioners devised for colour treated hair.

Hair that’s parched will appreciate the quench worthy abilities of products designed especially for damaged hair, while girls with curls will love the Bumble and Bumble conditioners that defrizz, define and add bounce. If you need deep down repair, we've got you covered with overnight masks, rich formulations and intensely nourishing products. If you're more of laid back beach lover, reach for the conditioners that offer sea breezy style surf texture and reviving seaweed scents.

From tropical oil and butter blends to invisible featherlight oils, Bumble and Bumble conditioners are all about silky smooth hair, reflective shine, awesome textures and intense repair.

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