Gatineau Travel Size

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Going on holiday doesn't have to mean neglecting your beauty routine. Keep your skin looking lush even when you're far from home with our range of Gatineau Travel Size Kits and Sets. These hand luggage-sized treats can be popped into your bag and carried with you, giving you the luxury of top quality products wherever you go.

When you're packing for a holiday, it's essential to choose products that will look after your skin. If you're going to be in the sun, that means nourishing, moisturising creams that will ensure your skin is kept soft and hydrated. In addition to your sun cream, you can use a product from Gatineau's range to ensure your skin's delicate moisture balance is respected at all times.

Nervous about tanning? Look for Gatineau products that will build a sunkissed tone gradually to give you a gentle, natural glow. It's a healthy way to look bronzed on the beach.

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