Illamasqua Eyeshadow

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Unleash your inner makeup artist with Illamsqua’s eyeshadows. Pro-worthy, non-creasing and highly pigmented, these all-star formulas are the only ones you need in your makeup kit.

It’s easy to find the shades you love, with shimmering metallics, soft satins and bold mattes to choose from. Love a pared-back look? Look no further than a nude Illamasqua eyeshadow palette, brimming with all the creams, browns and nudes you need to elevate your everyday looks. The more colour the better? The brand has you covered there too with scarlet reds, bright blues, deep purples and more.

Each formula is a breeze to work with. Whether you opt for their velvety powders or Longwear Liquid Shadows, each one feels silky-soft and lightweight on your skin, packing a (pigmented) punch in just a few brush strokes.

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