The lancer method

The Lancer Method

Discover the 3-step regimen that Dr. Lancer puts every patient on to jump start the transformation of their skin. Once available only to his patients, now anyone can experience The Lancer Method and its benefits without visiting his practice.

Method: The Polish

The Lancer Method Polish is the first step in this skincare system. Designed to be used daily to remove dirt and dead skin cells before cleansing, this is the standout product of the range. You'll instantly notice that skin looks fresh, bright and even. With special formulations for each skin type, just use on slightly damp skin before the next steps in The Method.


The Method : Cleanse

The second step in The Lancer Method is Cleanse. A proper cleansing, after polishing, effectively and thoroughly removes surface dirt, impurities and sebum. This leaves skin feeling clean and healthy, ready for nourishing. The Method : Cleanse formulations vary with ingredients to suit that individual skin type; ensuring that the cleanser enhances the skin rather than irritating or over-drying it.


The Method : Nourish

The Method : Nourish is the final step in The Method. It provides essential hydration and skin–beneficial nutrients. Nourish provides the best results when preceded by the other steps (Polish and Cleanse) as these prepare the skin for optimal absorption and ensure that the maximum benefits of Nourish are realized. Leaving skin looking healthy and with a beautifully radiant glow.