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Behind every flawless face of makeup is a great set of brushes and tools. With over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, MAC have firmly established themselves as one of the biggest and most acclaimed beauty brands, appealing not only to makeup artists, but also to celebrities and makeup enthusiasts. Their range contains foundations for all skin types, a mix of both neutral and bright eye shadows and an array of different lipstick shades. With such an extensive collection of products, MAC also offer brushes and applicators so that you can ensure that your makeup is applied seamlessly. Crafted with the finest quality of materials, this brand's hand sculpted brushes will guarantee you a perfect finish with every single use. 

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Which MAC Brush Should I Use When Applying Foundation?

When applying foundation, whether liquid or cream, use the MAC 170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush. Made with densely packed soft fibres, this brush is slightly domed and therefore is ideal for the buffing and blending of all foundations. For optimum results, use a light hand and quick circular motions with the Studio Tech Foundation.

Which MAC Brush Should I Use When Applying Concealer?

One of the best MAC brushes to apply concealer with is the 195 Concealer Brush. This tool's flat head also contains a slightly pointed tip, meaning that this brush will provide you with the most precise application possible. This applicator's flexible fibres are ideal for blending in both cream and liquid products, providing you with a seamless finish.

Which MAC Brush Should I Use When Applying Blusher?

When applying blusher, it is essential that your brush is full and rounded to avoid the formation of any streaks. This is why the MAC 116 Blush Brush is perfect for applying powder products, especially blusher!