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Behind every great face of makeup is a fantastic collection of makeup brushes. Find a set of tools that will enable you to express your individuality with MAC's makeup brushes, including applicators designed specifically for foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner and lip products. 

MAC, which stands for Makeup Artist Cosmetics, was founded when a makeup artist and a photographer became frustrated with the way that makeup translated through to image. Aiming to fulfil their professional needs, the two began producing products in their own kitchen. Now, MAC has become a globally-recognised brand that is renowned and celebrated for its appreciation of creativeness and expressing your individuality through cosmetics. Endorsed by celebrities, professional makeup artists, photographers, stylists and editors, the brand provides you with the highest quality of innovative products that you can use daily.

The 5 MAC Makeup Brushes That You Need To Try 

Find out everything that you need to know about some of Lookfantastic's favourite MAC makeup brushes!

MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush 

This round and flat-topped makeup brush is ideal for the seamless application of foundations, creams and even certain powder products. For optimum results, move the brush quick, circular motions. This buffing effect will distribute the product evenly across your face and ensure that your complexion appears flawless, with no giveaway lines. This tool is especially useful for building coverage in desired places, without appearing cakey. 

MAC 129 Powder/Brush 

This multi-purpose brush is a must-have for your makeup bag! Just like the name suggests, the rounded fibres are perfect for finishing off your look and setting your face with a setting powder, or adding a flush of colour to the apples of your cheeks with some blusher. The soft, yet form bristles ensure that that any product that you use is disrupted evenly, achieving a well-blended look.

MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush 

Designed for the application and blending of eye shadow, this brush contains soft fibres that are ideal for creating a shadow in the contour of the eye. Use with a light hand and apply your shadow in a buffing motion to create a stunning and completely blended look.

MAC 210 Eye Liner Brush

Eye liner is the perfect way to finish off any makeup look and really open your eye. In order to apply liner smoothly, creating a clean and sharp effect, then you're going to need a brush that is ultra-fine. The MAC 210 Eye Liner Brush is perfect for this purpose. The tool's smooth, synthetic fibres are the optimum length and density for lining your lids or even experimenting with a design around the temples of your face.

MAC 316 Lip Brush

This brush's flat and firm fibres will help to support a controlled lipstick application. This tool also comes with a useful and hygienic metal cover to prevent any product transferring into your handbag! 

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