MAC Makeup Brushes

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The MAC brand was founded out of Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo’s frustration with how makeup was photographed in the 1980s. Fed up with inferior foundation compromising the quality of their photoshoots, the two Franks decided to formulate their own cosmetics line from their kitchen. After selling some of their products in Angelo’s salon to other like-minded photographers, stylists and makeup artists, word soon started to fly about the quality of their line. This led to the first MAC cosmetics counter launching in March 1984 in a Toronto department store. With fashion editors and magazines soon taking note, the MAC brand was on track to become the iconic brand it is today.

Toskan and Angelo both understood there was no point in revolutionising makeup products if you didn’t also reform the tools that it's applied with. This led to the launching of brushes that remain a bestselling feature for the brand today in 2021.

Cult classic brushes include the 270S Concealer Brush. It's made with tightly packed synthetic fibres so no excess product seeps through, leading to a soft and flawless application of concealer.

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