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Pigments are fine, loose powders that are most commonly used on the eye area. Perfect for a special occasion or when you want to experiment with your look, MAC's collection of pigments contain a diverse range of shades, varying from neutral nudes to bright and beautiful colours. Discover MAC's pigments here on LookFantastic, including the bestselling shades: Vanilla, Blue Brown and Melon.  

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4 Ways That You Can Use MAC Pigment

1. Eye shadow. The most popular way to use MAC pigment is as an eye shadow. To avoid any fall out and intensify the vibrancy of the pigment, then you firstly should prime your eyelid with MAC's Prep + Prime 24hr Eye Base. Not only will this humidity and sweat-resistant formula prevent any creasing or fading, but it will also give something for the powder to adhere to. To apply the pigment, use a flat headed eye shadow brush - the 248 Small Eye Shader Brush would work well. With this brush, pick up some product and use a tapping motion to apply.

2. Lipstick. The versatility of the pigments means that this diverse product can also be used on the lips as a lip colour. If you prefer a more natural effect, then use a neutral shade, but if you are willing to be a bit more daring then opt for one of MAC's brighter colours, like Fushia. You can apply the pigment in two different ways. You can either mix a bit of pigment with a gloss and then apply with a lip brush for a subtle, but stunning effect. Or, if you want a more intense and vibrant shade, then simply tap some product over the top of a lipstick before it fully dries.

3. Nail polish. In order to create your own, customised nail colour with a MAC pigment, mix a little bit of product with a clear nail polish. Or, if you do not want to turn a whole bottle of clear nail polish one colour, then simply paint your nails and whilst the paint is still slightly tacky dust a little bit of pigment on top.

4. Body shimmer. MAC pigment can also be applied to the body as a body shimmer and highlighter. To create this look, take a big fluffy brush (the MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush would work well) and apply a neutral shade of pigment like Naked or Tan and sweep it over the places where light would naturally hit, like the decolletage and shoulders. For a more subtle effect, mix a small amount of the product in with a body lotion and then massage into your skin for a lovely glowing effect.