Nioxin System 2

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For the ultimate treatment and care for thinning hair, try the Nioxin System 2 range. This full treatment system is enriched with Activ-Renewal Technology and the volumising effects of Bioamp and Scalp Access Delivery 2.0.

If your hair is starting to show the effects of thinning, it needs a treatment that will be gentle enough to stop any damage and at the same time effective in supporting volume renewal and growth. Nioxin System 2 cleansers gently wash away greasy residue, and the effects of the harsh urban environment, leaving your hair refreshed and revitalised. Specially formulated conditioners build up weakened hair shafts, adding to the appearance of volume while adding suppleness and promoting ease of combing and styling.

Together, the complementary treatments for thinning hair in the Nioxin System 2 range deliver the best possible therapy for your scalp and hair, restoring strong, vigorous, touchable hair.

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