Nioxin System 4 Range

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We all have bad hair days, but the Nioxin System 4 range unlocks the solution to this age-old problem. It’s time to step forward, own your appearance, and feel great doing so.

Don't let your hairstyle or condition hold you back. The Nioxin System 4 range is specifically formulated for coloured hair that suffers from thinning, to help you restore your hair's natural bounce and vitality. Designed to rid your scalp of excess sebum, fatty acids and pollutants which can block your follicles, the full range of Nioxin System 4 shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments will help to give you fuller and thicker looking hair while protecting your shade and nourishing your skin and hair from root to tip.

Nioxin offers a whole new concept in personal grooming. Three steps, one standout result at your fingertips. No fuss, no pain - just healthy shiny hair, and a glow to go. Walk into your new world, head up shoulders back.

Nioxin is not just about hair care, it’s about self-care! Browse the range at lookfantastic.

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