Nioxin System 5

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If you have thinning hair which has been chemically treated, look no further than this Nioxin System 5 range when it comes to repair and restoration. This collection from Nioxin - the revolutionary US haircare brand which specialises in formulas for thinning hair and the scalp - is your pathway to moisturised and fuller looking hair.

The products in this Nioxin selection get to work removing fatty acids, sebum and environmental aggressors from your bleached, straightened or permed hair, improving your hair texture, while also offering colour protection. Each hair strand can gain volume, while these solutions can also enhance moisture balance and give smoothing control. This is a professional standard thickening treatment which can provide you with the best antidote to hair which is thinning and exhibiting the effects of prolonged chemical exposure. Take back control of your hair with these Nioxin formulas!

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