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Now everybody can have the brilliant bounce, vivacious volume and marvellous movement which comes with curly hair, thanks to our range of T3 Curlers & Curling Irons. Get perming with everything you need for DIY hair curling; from rollers to clip barrels and irons themselves. All manner of curl types - including polished, defined, voluminous and wavy - are catered for by the irons in this selection, so stock up and swap the hair salon for the comfort of your own home.

You can count on the quality and unmatched design of this collection of curlers and curling irons, which are manufactured by T3. This is a brand which is recognised for combining the best in tech and beauty principles in its products to outstanding effect. Based in Los Angeles, USA, T3 has become known as a leader in hair tools which put self-expression at the top of the agenda.

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"T3, founded by Kent Yu in 2003, has always understood how your hair is the ultimate accessory you wear every day. It can be difficult finding a trusty tool that styles your locks without causing some sort of damage, but T3 changes the narrative with its range of curling irons.

The T3 range of curling irons features bestsellers such as the SinglePass Curl, the Whirl Trio Convertible Styling Wand, and the Twirl Convertible Iron. With T3 tools, you’ll be able to create a wide range of hairstyles, whether this is an everyday look of naturally gorgeous, beach-ready waves or more dramatic Hollywood red carpet waves. What’s more, you can achieve these looks at home, so you can ditch the salon and forget time-consuming pin curls.

With T3 curling irons, you have a range of high-tech hair solutions at your fingertips. For example, if you have frizzy hair you can include custom Tourmaline® and ceramic clips to the barrel of your wand for a sleeker, tamed look.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official UK stockists of T3 Curling Irons."