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Which Wella Sp Range is right for you?

Wella Sp Hydrate

As the weather changes, from hot to cold and cold to hot, the condition of our hair changes too. Wella Sp Hydrate is there to make sure your hair doesn't struggle with the change in season, and provides your locks with long lasting moisture, without overloading it or making it greasy! Win-win!

Wella Sp Repair

Wella Sp Repair does what it says on the tin (/bottle); it repairs dry and damaged hair with an advanced RNP formula, containing hydrolysed keratin proteins to repair both the inner and outer structures of your hair, giving it a bonus softness and shine. We even have a Wella Sp Repair Gift Set, perfect if you want to make someone (and their hair) happy!

Wella Sp Color Save

If you're tired of having dull, faded hair and miss your colourful locks then the Wella Sp Color Save is perfect for you! Ensure long lasting, intense colour with this range of shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

Wella Sp Luxe

Wella Sp Luxe is the perfect gift for your hair if you want to treat to a little bit of luxury. With nourishing jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil and amino acids, your hair will look and feel very luxurious indeed.

Wella Sp Scalp Care

Having an unbalanced scalp can often be embarassing, but Wella Sp Scalp Care will help you let your hair down and feel confident. So remove dandruff gently and effectively with the dermacalm complex in the Wella Sp Clear Scalp range, including shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

Wella Sp Style

Give yourself a professional hair style at home with the Wella Sp Style range. With a selection of hairsprays, hair polishes and hair mousses, we're sure Wella will help you keep your hair styled and beautiful all night long.

Wella Sp Volumizing

If you're looking to perfect that big beehive look, or just want to add a little lift to your hair, the Wella Sp Volumizing range is coming to your rescue! The Volumize Duo kit including shampoo and leave-in conditioner can help strengthen and nourish your newly bouncy hair too!

Wella Sp After Sun

We all know about the damage sun can do to our hair and skin, but we still choose to run out in to the sunshine at any given chance. So, Wella have created the After Sun range for you, to make sure your hair doesn't suffer after your fun in the sun!

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