Muscle Rubs & Soaks

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If you're looking for an effective and natural way to relax aching and tired muscles, pep up circulation or induce a night of deep and soothing sleep, reach for our collection of Muscle Rubs and Bath Soaks. With brands including Westlab, Sanctuary, Elemis and Aromatherapy Associates, at lookfantastic you’ll find everything you need for long-lasting complementary treatment.

Dead Sea Salt and Atlantic Kelp relax and hydrate the muscles whilst cleaning them of toxins. The gentle power of soothing lavender and midnight flowers help you drift off to sleep whilst de-stressing muscle shower oils, stimulating leg salts and cooling oil roller balls relax, re-energise and refresh deep down.

Our selection of muscle rubs and bath soaks are ideal for everything from post-yoga classes and after gym treatments to those searching for relief from heavy or tired legs. Designed with overall health and wellbeing in mind, mineral-rich products detox and stimulate circulation, rose, coconut and almond oils relax and harmonise the mind and body and natural algae treatments work wonders to relieve muscle pain.

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