Anti-Ageing Dermatological Skincare

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Turn back the clock with our range of anti-ageing skincare at LOOKFANTASTIC. You’ll find luxurious creams to eliminate dry lines, plump your skin and dial up your radiance. Or if you’re looking to diminish dark circles under your eyes, we’ve got an incredible selection of youth-boosting eye care. Potent serums rejuvenate your complexion leaving skin that appears collagen rich, plumper and smoother.

Packed with active ingredients, anti-ageing skincare works by improving your skin’s appearance. Exfoliating, moisturising and rejuvenating your skin can all help to smooth, plump and brighten your overall appearance – helping your complexion to look younger. Powerful ingredients like Retinol, Collagen, AHA, Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Peptides are holy grails for transforming your skin.

When should you start using anti-ageing products?

Anytime from your twenties onwards, this is because when we reach our twenties, our natural collagen production and elastin begins to slow down, meaning our skin starts to lose its firmness and suppleness. You should also protect your skin from the sun as UV rays can accelerate the signs of ageing, this is why we recommend using an SPF for your face from an early age - you can never start too soon!

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