Hair Wavers

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The key to perfectly-tousled beach waves (aka mermaid hair)? A hair waver. These clever tools deliver a defined S-shaped curl to give your hair that effortless and laidback wave, so you can ditch sleeping in plaits and praying they don’t turn out as unruly kinks and frizz in the morning!

Choose a chunky 3-barrel curling iron for effortless loose waves such as the Beauty Works Waver. Or opt for a narrow version like BaByliss’ PRO Triple Barrell Waver for tighter, classic waves.

Although they can look intimidating, hair-waver irons are a breeze to use. And their differences in size make them perfect for use on both long and short hair. Dry your hair completely, then section it. Begin by clamping down the hair waver near your root (avoiding the very top of your head) then working your way down to the ends. Hold the waver down for up to 10 seconds, remembering that the longer you hold it down, the tighter the wave will be.

For short hair, choose a smaller hair waver, then focus on creating waves in the middle of your strands. By leaving the root and tip straight, you’ll create a chic messy wave that suits your hair style.

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