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Whether you want to cleanse or cream, exfoliate or groom, we have a sophisticated selection of complexion accessories from sponges to cloths and more.
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Face sponge

Using a facial sponge is an ideal way to cleanse and exfoliate your face gently without causing redness and irritation in delicate areas.

What are facial sponges used for?

Facial sponges are used to get the optimum benefits of your cleansing products, providing a deeper clean and exfoliation than your hands can, whilst still being gentle on all skin types – including sensitive, acne-prone complexions.

Is it good to wash your face with a sponge?

Yes, it is good to wash your face with a sponge. The fibres provide much better exfoliation than your hands to remove impurities and bacteria, and sponges are gentle enough to be used on any skin type.

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