Night Creams

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Working tirelessly throughout the night to hydrate and restore skin’s natural moisture balance, these night moisturisers ensure skin gets its much needed beauty sleep.

Night creams are the perfect way to moisturise and renew your skin while you sleep. Generally richer in consistency than day creams, night creams are especially hydrating to help you wake up to rejuvenated skin. Before deciding on which night cream to choose, you must first consider your skin type or skincare concern. If you want to minimise wrinkles, choose a cream infused with anti-ageing technology. If your skin is especially dry, look out for Ceramides. If your skin is sensitive, make sure the cream is dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin.

Ingredients you can expect to find in a good night cream include antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E. Peptides, which are known to stimulate collagen repair and hydrators including Hyaluronic Acid which helps lock in moisture. Applying creams with these ingredients at night will also make them more effective as they won't be conflicting with sun exposure or pollution that your skin undergoes during the day.

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