Hair Growth Serums

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Restore your locks to their former glory with our powerful hair growth serums. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, these serums not only boost hair growth, but thicken and strengthen the strands you already have too. We've carefully curated our edit full of potions that live up to their promise, amping up the fullness and healthiness of your tresses in no time.

Hair growth serums work by preventing breakages, thickening your strands and adding volume to your style. Some even help boost blood circulation to accelerate follicular activity. TheGrow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense targets thinning hair while delivering a serious pick-me-up to flat, limp and lifeless locks. A cocktail of ingredients reinvigorate your roots and encourage scalp blood flow for shinier, fuller locks.

Want to accelerate the growth of your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows? Then The Ordinary The Hair Lash and Brow Density Set is for you. Packed with peptides, it conditions and nourishes to promote the appearance of fuller, thicker hair, as well as longer eyelashes too.

Results take time, and it's important to be consistent with your applications to see the best results. That's because our hair grows in cycles, and not all strands are in the same phase at the same time – some will be in the growth phase while others in the shedding phase. You can expect to see results in most cases in around 3 months – patience here is key, but it'll be so worth it!
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