Brown Eye Liners

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Instead of reaching for your trusty jet-black formula, why not give your makeup an upgrade with a subtle brown eyeliner? Whether you choose a liquid eyeliner or pencil formula, brown eyeliners are perfect for opening up your eyes – and some even double up as eyeshadows and brow pencils too.

Brown eyeliner pencils like the MAC Eye Pencil are great for smudging along your waterline to create a chic smokey eye. Or trace your lash line with an ultra-precise brown eyeliner felt tip like NYX’s Professional Makeup Epic Ink Eyeliner, to nail those flicks and wings. Brown Eyeliners are super easy to apply too. Simply pop some eyeshadow on first, then follow your lash line to add more depth to your eyes, before applying mascara.

Brown eyeliners are super versatile – use them for creating wings, smudging along your lash line, as an eyeshadow or brow pencil, or to tight line your waterline. Brown is also a great colour for anyone who’s nervous about applying eyeliner, because it blends more seamlessly with your lashes and eyes than black eyeliner, so it’s less noticeable if you have a little wobble!
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