Waterproof Eyeliners

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Eyeliner has the power to transform any look – whether that’s with graphic liner, baby wings or a bold pop of colour. But when you’ve created something of a masterpiece, you want it to last all day. That’s where our waterproof eyeliners come in. And these long-lasting formulas live up to their name too. Like Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof Eyeliner which provides up to eight hours of wear, or Maybelline’s Tattoo Liner Smokey Gel Pencil Eye Liner Waterproof that’s sweat and smudge-resistant.

Waterproof eyeliners are no longer just liquid formulas either. Brands like NYX,Rimmel and L’Oreal Paris have created pigment-packed pencil and gel waterproof eyeliners, so you can create your dream look. Depending on which formula you choose, there are a few different ways to use waterproof eyeliner. A pencil waterproof eyeliner is best used for that instant smokey-eye glam, while gel eyeliners are perfect for lines, cat eyes, and wings.

No sweat, tears or water will budge these trusty formulas. Which is why sometimes they have a bad reputation for being difficult to remove. But a good oil-based cleansing balm should do the trick. Soak some over your eyelids on a cotton pad for around 30 seconds, before gently working the formula over your skin with your fingertips.
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