Organic & Natural Shampoo

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Find the Shampoo to suit your hair, from curly and straight to hair in need of some extra care these shampoos really do excel in repairing and rejuvenating.
Anti-Dandruff repairs your scalp, moisturising and nourishing your skin and hair to ensure dandruff never shows up again; reducing irritation and itchiness with natural and organic formulas.
Chemically Treated hair needs to be provided with a rich source of nourishment and hydration; whether its coloured, permed, over processed or styled, these speciality shampoos repair your damaged hair.
Damaged Hair shampoos nourish and repair your hair whilst restoring it back to full health.
Fine Hair needs that added boost to give it lift and volume; providing your hair with shape for a fuller finish.
Soothe your head with the Sensitive Scalps shampoos in this range, relieving your suffering hair from over processing and irritating chemicals.
Have a relaxing bath time using shampoos from the Bay range, with no tears formulas that ensure bath time is fun.
Tame your Curly & Frizzy Hair with these shampoos that target your curls, waves and fly aways to give them definition and bounce to ensure they flow and look amazing.
Dry Hair needs a shampoo that really works in a potent source of hydration, leaving your locks looking healthier and easier to manage.
Normal Hair needs pampering too and with these shampoos you can really maintain beautiful locks.
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