If you want to know more about The Beauty Set, then here is everything you need to know.

1.    What are the deadlines?

  • The deadline for submitting your entry video via Instagram is 28th January.
  • We will contact the shortlist by the 2nd of February.
  • Finalists will come to lookfantastic HQ on the 26th, 27th and 28th of February (You must be available on all three dates).
  • The winners will be contacted by the 2nd of March. 
  • A video announcing the winners will go live on the 12th of March
  • The winners may be invited to attend their first lookfantastic campaign shoot on the week of the 5th March - please ensure you are available.

2.    How do I Enter? 

Entries are to be made via Instagram. You can find the app by searching for ‘Instagram’ in your app store.

It is then easy to use to make your entry, simply:

  • Show us your secret beauty hack
  • Film it in no more than 30 seconds.
  • Upload to Instagram tagging @lookfantastic and #JoinTheBeautySet in the caption.
  • Make sure your Instagram profile is set to public (and you preferably have a contact email in your bio). 

3.    What do I need to do in the video? 

We want to see you in action!

All you need to do is show us your top secret beauty hack. This could cover make-up, skincare, body, fragrance or hair - get creative! We want to know your very best beauty secrets.

4.    What do I need in order to film my video?

All you need is a public Instagram profile and a phone or camera.

If you want to use filming equipment like extra lights and microphones, that is fine but definitely not necessary. We want this to be all about your passion for beauty, not about fancy equipment! 

5.    Is it UK only?

This time around, yes it is. But good news, if you are from outside the UK, then why not find your local lookfantastic site and follow their social media channels? There are always opportunities to get involved with lookfantastic, wherever you are in the world, with The Beauty Set now being global.

FRANCE - www.lookfantastic.fr

6.    Any tips and hints? 

Our advice for creating a winning video entry: 
•    Find somewhere quiet and well-lit so you can film easily. 
•    Make sure your head and shoulders are in frame and speak up to make sure we can see and hear you properly.
•    Check your background and make sure you don’t have anything on show that you might not want on the internet! 
•    Smile and be yourself! Just imagine you are talking about beauty to one of your best friends.

Finally, make sure your Instagram profile is public so we can see your amazing entries! Remember to make sure you tag both @lookfantastic and #JoinTheBeautySet in your caption so that your entry will be seen.

7.    What will happen to my footage? 

We might use your footage in lots of ways across our platforms, such as on site, across social platforms and in our email campaigns. Please do not delete your entry and keep it on your social channels.

By submitting your video, you are giving us permission to use the footage.

Please see the legal terms and conditions for full details.

8.    How will I know if I am shortlisted?

We will contact you between the 29th of January and the 1st of February via Direct Message on Instagram to let you know if you have made the shortlist. So please keep checking your DM’s (and message requests!) - even better, why not add your email to your bio and we can contact you directly!

If you haven’t heard from us by the 2nd of February, then unfortunately you haven’t made it this time.

9.    What will be involved if I win? 

As part of The Beauty Set, we anticipate that you will: 

·        Trial and feature beauty products from your lookfantastic monthly bundle to feature on your relevant channels

·        Be in the chance to take part in lookfantastic campaigns

·        Get yourself featured on the lookfantastic social channels

·        Attend lookfantastic Influencer events

·        Be part of the lookfantastic ambassador community

·        Work with leading brands in the beauty industry

·        Be presented with amazing networking opportunities

10.    Is this a job? 

No, this is a partnership. If you are chosen to be one of The Beauty Set, then throughout 2018, subject to terms and conditions, we will work with you on various Beauty projects.

All successful finalists will be entered into a signed contract with lookfantastic for the full year, so please consider this before submitting your application.

Each month you will receive a bundle of beauty products from lookfantastic with a minimum value of £150, have your own exclusive discount code, and we will cover travel and expenses (subject to activity and terms).

We hope it will be an incredible opportunity for you to gain insider experience of the beauty industry and to enhance your impact as an influencer, with the lookfantastic team and ambassador community helping to mentor you along the way.

11.    Who can enter? 

We want to see all of the amazing individuals who make up the lookfantastic community. Whoever you are, whatever your age or background, whatever your gender, whatever you do, if you are a beauty fanatic interested in blogging, vlogging and social media, then this is for you. 

We do have a few basic rules though. You must:
•    be over 18
•    be a UK resident (excluding Northern Ireland)
•    have a 
blog, YouTube channel or social media channels where you talk about beauty

Please see the full terms and conditions for more details.

12.    What if I can’t make the filming dates? 

Unfortunately, the filming dates are set in advance with our Campaign team and are a mandatory part of the application process if you make it through to the final. We can’t choose you as a winner if you can’t make that date! 

If you would like to be selected, please do keep it in mind that you will be needed on the 26th, 27th and 28th of February as well as the week of the 5th of March.

We will be able discuss specific dates in more detail during the second stage if you are selected to go through. 

13.    Do I need to be a blogger to enter? 

No, you don’t need to be a blogger, but we do want you to be an active part of the online beauty community, engaged with the latest trends and the beauty industry in all its forms.

So if you have a blog, a YouTube channel or an amazing social channel dedicated to beauty, or just fancy yourself as the next top Beauty Influencer, then you are the perfect applicant. We look forward to hearing from you.