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Upgrade your skincare routine with the lookfantastic Facial Roller

Upgrade your skincare routine with the lookfantastic Facial Roller
Team LF
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We all adore the look and feel of our skin following a luxurious facial. Spending an hour in the capable hands of a trained facialist can make a dramatic difference to the overall health and appearance of your complexion, leaving your skin glowing like it never has before.

Although we would all love to have post-facial skin everyday, our routine and budget simply do now allow it. Using tools which work to mimic the methods and techniques of a facialist can be a fool-proof way to get post-facial results from the comfort of your own home.

The lookfantastic Facial Roller mimics precise massage techniques to boost the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin to help you achieve a beauifully radiant complexion. Incorporating our Facial Roller into your routine will help you achieve the immediate glow of a facial every morning.

lookfantastic Facial Roller

Made up of eight massaging heads, each with six nodules, the lookfantastic Facial Roller deeply massages the skin, draining toxins, relieving tension and reducing the puffiness of your skin.

Using the Facial Roller has a myraid of benefits for your complexion:

  • Boosts the glow and radiance of your skin by encouraging blood circulation
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage for a more defined, naturally sculpted complexion
  • Drains toxins in the skin to promote overall skin health and vitality
  • Reshapes, refines and tones the contours of your face, releasing muscular tension particularly in your jaw for an instant lift
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation for a tightened, more youthful complexion

The lookfantastic Roller has been specially designed to enhance and promote the efficacy of your current skincare routine. In combination with your favourite skincare products, the facial tool will bring about noticable changes from your first couple of uses.

How to use the lookfantastic Facial Roller

Before using the tool, it is beneficial to consider the sort of treatment your skin needs. If your complexion is congested and prone to breakouts, it may be best to use the Facial Roller with a deep-pore cleanser. On the other hand, if your skin looks dull and lack lustre, using the Facial Roller with a glow boosting serum or moisturiser is ideal for promoting the healthy radiance of your complexion.

Using the lookfantastic Facial Roller in combination with either a deep-pore cleanser or a hydrating product will help to boost its efficacy, ensuring each product permeates the skin properly. Simply follow these straight forward steps to get the most out of the Facial Roller:

  1. Take the lookfantastic Facial Roller and hold it at a perpendicular angle from your face. Make sure the massaging heads are in line with your jaw line and push the Roller towards you, allowing the heads roll across your skin.
  2. Repeat the action 2-3 times.
  3. Work the roller up your face, continuing to push the rolling heads across your skin.
  4. Be careful not to use the Facial Roller too vigorously on the delicate skin around your eye area.

Repeating these steps daily and incorporating the Facial Roller into your routine will see a visible difference in the texture and definiton of your visage. Skin will be left more toned, lifted and beautifully radiant.



Team LF
Writer and expert
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