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Haircare Trend Predictions 2024

Haircare Trend Predictions 2024
Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor1 month ago
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Make your mane your crowning glory with the strand-saving trends that are set to make the cut in 2024.

Glass Hair

Last year, we saw makeup lovers across the globe seeking glass-like complexions through the power of strobe creams and liquid highlighters. Now, the desire for mirror-like shine is transitioning into haircare, fueled by the ‘Bella Hadid red carpet effect’. The result? A glossy, ‘looks like glass’ mane.

Hair oils, smoothing serums and spray formulations that create a high-shine finish are set to reign supreme. An iteration of the clean girl aesthetic, glass hair is deemed to be the low maintenance style that yields glamorous results. Ideal for mid to long-length hair, the glass look can be achieved by blow-drying locks from soaking wet and sealing poker straight using shine-enhancing products.


Peptide Power

We’re all searching for fuller, healthier hair in 2024, with new and improved formulas that work to upgrade our routines and deliver the locks of dreams. Hair peptides are paving the way for happier hair as the skinification of hair health continues to take influence from the skincare market.

Known for improving scalp health and supporting hair growth, peptides encourage blood flow to the scalp, increasing the size of hair follicles and giving hair room to thicken. And it doesn’t stop there. Hair peptides are a catalyst for healing and hydrating stressed-out strands, as well as protecting against toxins.

Nourishing ingredients adapted from the skincare formulas we know and love are set to drive innovation in the haircare realm this year - including hyaluronic acid, biotin, ceramides and niacinamide - while peptides are on the pedestal as the ones to watch.


Hair Growth Supplements

Vitamins and supplements that blend herbal ingredients with cutting-edge technologies are set to dominate the haircare market, reflecting growing demand for strand-saving solutions in the pursuit of luscious locks.

Through 2023, we saw supplements that support gut health peak. Now, these wellness products are steering into the haircare realm, with ingestible remedies working to support our tresses from the inside-out. Hair growth supplements take centre stage with advanced formulas and ingredients – such as biotin, collagen and natural herbs – boosting hair thickness and preventing hair thinning or loss.

Supplements are fast becoming a natural extension of beauty routines with *92% of beauty consumers believing an inside-out approach is the best way to attain beauty goals; and with a 90% increase in searches for ‘vitamins for hair growth and thickness’, hair health is a bigger priority than ever.

What’s next for beauty supplements? Fun flavours and formats - like gummies - designed to replicate sweet treats are at the forefront, helping to switch the narrative around taking daily vitamins and appealing to a wider demographic.

*Source: [Key Trend 2024: Where Next for Beauty Supplements?] Clare Varga, Nicky Connors & the WGSN Beauty Team


Ingredient in Focus: Rosemary

Typically associated with the savoury seasoning of the culinary world, rosemary is making its way out of the kitchen and into our beauty cupboards. As consumer interest for hair growth and scalp health spikes, rosemary oil is set to be the key ingredient to care for stressed-out strands. This invigorating ingredient is enriched with properties that work to stimulate and nourish the scalp, in turn supporting hair growth to encourage a fuller-looking mane.

For those struggling with post-partum hair loss or thinning, apply rosemary oil to your scalp before washing or treat your tresses to a rosemary-infused scalp massage as a great way to promote healthier hair from the root.

Similarly, rosemary oil is a natural antioxidant that can also be used to support your complexion, working to hydrate and protect your skin from environmental aggressors, as well as target fine lines and blemishes for a smooth and more radiant complexion. In its purest form, this ingredient can be potent, so we recommend diluting or using smaller quantities to really get the most from your regime.


Sandeep Mahil, Senior Haircare Buyer at LOOKFANTASTIC, says:

"We have some incredibly exciting haircare initiatives for 2024, including key focuses on driving product innovation and building brand awareness through best-in-class launches. Our ambition is also to be at the forefront of the biggest trends in haircare, whether that be product or ingredient-led, as we acknowledge consumers are increasingly more interested in understanding what’s inside the products they’re using. Product trends to watch out for in 2024 will most definitely be Glossy Hair and Damage Repair. Through engaging content produced by our in-house beauty team, we’ll be educating consumers on how to build multi-step routines, whilst tapping into the trends to covet."

Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor
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