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Is your skin in need of some TLC? Say hello to NEOM’s skincare range…

Is your skin in need of some TLC? Say hello to NEOM’s skincare range…
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NEOM are the undisputed authority in natural bodycare, which is why we have fallen head over heels in love with the launch of their new skin products.

A new range of cleansers, oils, serums and moisturisers have been created, but what's interesting is that they have been formulated for a range of different skincare needs as opposed to skin types. For example, if you have been feeling under the weather and a little stressed out, NEOM believe the best products would be from the Ultimate Calm collection - while you may not have sensitive skin specifically, the brand believe that while you're going through different situations and emotions, your skin's needs changes, and stress can almost certainly = sensitivity.

Discover the full product line-up below, as well as how to select the best range for you and your skin's needs. We like to keep them on rotation - while heading into the colder, more autumnal months, we definitely want more of a glow, however sometimes we're in need of a little extra nurturing!

Which is the right range for me?

  • Sensitive skin - Ultimate Calm
  • Dull complexion - Great Day Glow
  • Tired skin - Perfect Night's Sleep

The Ultimate Calm collection

If your skin is stressed out and in need of some basic nurturing, it will love the Ultimate Calm collection from NEOM.

Formulated with a blend of super soothing ingredients, such as baobab oil and calming essential oils, the range is great for those who are fatigued or stressed, and where skin is starting to show the signs. Think redness, blemishes and dehydration.

Included in the line-up are the the Face Wash, Face Serum, Face Oil and Moisturiser, which can be used as individual products in your current routine or altogether to help really calm and nurture stressed-out skin.

The Great Day Glow collection

Looking for a natural way to boost your glow sans nasty chemicals? Say hello to Great Day Glow by NEOM Organics.

Formulated with a blend of brightening ingredients such as turmeric root and prickly pear extract, the range is loaded with omegas, vitamins and minerals that counteract skin dullness and fatigue to leave it revitalised and well, happy.

The products are infused with a beautiful scent that uplifts the senses too - think mandarin, peppermint and rose.

The range includes the same line-up as Ultimate Calm: Face Wash, Face Serum, Face Oil and Moisturiser.

Perfect Night's Sleep collection

Super tired skin and mind? Treat yourself to NEOM's Perfect Night's Sleep skincare range, which has been specially formulated with a sleep-inducing scent of lavender and chamomile to help even the most stressed-out minds switch off.

Rich in omegas, alongside Vitamins A, B and D, the range works to support your skin as you sleep, wrapping it in moisture so you awake with a glowing and revitalised complexion.

We love to use this collection on a Sunday evening when we're winding down and getting ready for the week ahead - it helps to relax almost instantaneously, and leaves the skin in a gorgeously healthy condition.

After your skincare routine, spritz a little of the NEOM Organics Pillow Mist onto your bed sheets to help you drift off into sleep

Team LF
Writer and expert
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