Bronzing rocks

With sexy summer style adorning the glossies I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks and hoorah, I finally have them in my possession!

The smart packaging oozes luxury and the Bronzing Rocks themselves were to my surprise rather large, (I was expecting the usual small bronzing balls). Now it wouldn’t be much use just looking at these dazzling beauties so I, for the benefit of you all, just had to try them out!

You might wonder what I’m doing there, but not only does this bronzer sweep on beautifully with a brush, they’re easy to handle and make a brilliant eye shadow too. Working wonders if you are in a hurry, simply pick one of the rocks up with your fingers, smooth on and blend outwards. Although using your fingers might limit the number of effects you could create, there’s no reason you couldn’t use an eye shadow brush to blend with your daily hue.

The texture is velvety, adding to the indulgent feel and the colour itself is gorgeous, offering just the right hint of bronze to the face and neck, I’ll probably sweep some over my shoulders too for a sexy shimmer. So overall it’s a glowing report from me for these gorgeous versatile Bronzing Rocks!

P.S. Has anyone tried these on the lips under lip gloss? If so let us know how you got on!




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