London Fashion Week – Day 2

Saturday brought Lookfantastic it’s busiest day of London Fashion week. With a series of 3 shows for us to indulge in. We were running around London, from Flitcroft Street to Grosvenor Place, to bring you the latest hair and beauty for you in the coming year.

The first show was from Antipodium, with a presentation of his latest collection from spring/summer 2014. Bringing an understated and consistently wearable collection, featuring pastel shades alongside a range of iridescent houdstooth-esque and dark floral prints that take on the springtime theme perfectly.


The hair was kept simple, blown out with a natural finish, the hair featured both side and middle partings.

The make up consisted of a slightly heavier finish, with a matte black base finished with dark metallic silver to brighten this dark look. Using the dark shadow underneath the eyes too and completing the look with a simple sweep of mascara.



The second show we attended was Orla Kiely’s. Going backstage and running into the head make up artist who told us that for the Spring Summer collection this year a girl scout theme was taken.


The hair was kept in a simple loose curl, with all of the models wearing hats, it meant that these elements of the hair were accentuated beautifully.

The make up was also kept warm and healthy looking, going for that ‘wind burnt’ cheek using a peach blush to really bring in the warmth of the skin. Subtle tangerine shades were applied to the lips with the eyebrows also being kept natural and youthful looking.


Running over to Grosvenor Place, we then went to the Mark Lupfer’s presentation. With a girl’s bedroom theme, the models sat on the bed, drew in their notebooks and hugged huge bears whilst wearing Lupfer’s beautifully feminine collection. Patchwork florals with white lace dresses, completed this very spring worthy range.


The hair was blow dried for volume and kept down. With a few of the models sporting bejeweled hair clips to keep back the front sections of hair and the rest with two strands from the front, taken to the back and pleated across twice and clipped.

Make up was very in keeping with many of the other designers at fashion week. A fresh, youthful dewy finish with naturally, thick kept brows. Eye make up featured smudged eyeliner halfway along the eye lash line and the crease.


The last show we attended was the presentation from Liz Black. This collection was the most futuristic of any we had seen so far. Staying clear from neutrals or floral patterns, the Liz Black collection consisted of sharply cut leather dresses with coloured structures protruding from the dresses.

The make up was severe, with bold blue eyeshadow across the entire eye and creating a square finish to really change the structure of your eyes. The rest of the make up was kept to a minimal to ensure that the bright colour from the eyes and dresses really flowed well.


After a long day of spotting style in the street and attending shows, we have learned a lot about the up and coming trends for spring summer 2014. Tomorrow, we are going to see what Paul Smith and Sophie Webster have in store for you too.




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