Payday Countdown with #LFLoves and GHD!


Get Gorgeous Hair with GHD!

With payday just around the corner, and the colder weather setting in, there has never been a better time to treat yourself and your hair to some beauty love!

During the autumn and winter seasons, our hair can become dry and damaged from the cold elements. Hair can appear limp and lifeless, and coloured fibres can become duller as the hair becomes drier. It is therefore extremely important to protect it from the drop in temperature to keep it hydrated and nourished, so it stays super soft, supple and glossy! Styling your hair helps to ensure your locks stay luscious throughout the day, as they work to help hair retain its hold and volume, helping it to appear healthy and vibrant all day long!

GHD Limited Edition Air Hair Dryer in Vintage Pink

When hair becomes dry and damaged, the fibres can start to spilt, creating frizzy ends and overall flyaway hair! The GHD Air Dryer works to tame and control frizzy flyaway’s by using unique and advanced ionic technology which works to smooth the fibres and leave the hair feeling silky and sleek. When hair has been fully dried, the dryer features a unique cooling button which should be used to seal the cuticle and fibres, leaving your hair looking glossy and vibrant all day long! Plus, here at Look Fantastic, we have fallen in love with the beautiful Pink Edition, and cannot wait to brighten dark winter mornings and get super soft and swishable hair!

Why is Ionic Technology brilliant for my hair?

Unlike traditional hairdryers which simply diffuse high temperature air to dry hair quickly, Ionic hair dryers’ actively work to reduce frizz and smooth the hair fibres. They work to emit negative ions caused by static when drying your hair with a towel and brushing it through, which in turn helps to neutralise the atoms naturally present in the hair and eradicate static and frizz. This same technology also works to actually dry your hair faster by encouraging the water molecules to evaporate from the hair shaft and cuticle more rapidly – positives all round!

GHD Limited Edition 2
GHD Limited Edition Platinum Hair Styler Straightener in Vintage Pink

The Platinum Straightener from GHD features three sensors in each plate which work to distribute heat evenly throughout the hair so that a consistent result is achieved all the way from the root to the tip! This helps to minimise breakage which encourages better overall health and shine. The styling tool is also suitable for all hair-types including coloured hair, as it works to maintain and optimise coloured fibres to leave them staying vibrant for longer. The Pink Edition of GHD’S bestselling product has made us fall head over heels in love with styling all over again! It definitely helps us to jump out of bed in the morning and style our hair to perfection!



GHD Limited Edition

Look Fantastic’s top hair tip!

When combing through wet hair, make sure to start at the end of the strands to reduce breakage and limit damage to the fibres. #LFLoves the Limited Edition Pink Chrome Tangle Teezer to banish those knots! Perfectly pink and gorgeous, the Tangle Teezer works effortlessly to glide through the hair without splitting the fibres, leaving your hair in the healthiest condition possible

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