How to get glowing skin (despite the late nights)

How to get glowing skin (despite the late nights)

It’s officially party season, which means a multitude of late nights, poor eating habits and a little too much champagne can leave our skin looking lacklustre. With all these festive celebrations in full swing, glowing skin is at the top of our list, but unfortunately this is sometimes difficult to achieve.

We have put together our edit of the best products to help you get your glow-jo back and achieve a radiant and healthy complexion.

So, if you’ve had one too many late nights this December, read on to discover how to get your skin beautifully luminous again.

4 of the best tips for glowing skin

Give your skin a little TLC

Looking after your complexion and giving it some love and attention is the best way to revive dull, lacklustre skin and achieve a lit-from-within glow.

Supercharge your skincare and supplement your everyday routine with a device such as the BeGlow TIA All-In-One Sonic Skin Care System. Working to transform your complexion, the all-in-one beauty tool cleanses, lifts and tones the skin for a lifted, radiant appearance.

Begin by using the cleansing silicone brush head with your favourite cleanser to remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells and then use the titanium smooth plate to contour the skin for a plump and luminous finish.

Use an illuminating primer

This might sound basic, but a regular primer just won’t cut it. Ditch those silicone-based substances and instead go for glossy, balm-like textures.

One of our favourites is the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm. Coming in different shades, depending on what you want from it, the balm delivers unrivalled radiance and contains a host of skin-loving ingredients to keep your complexion glowing and gorgeous.

Our favourite shade is Bare as it works universally, but if you’re going for a tanned look this Christmas, go for Golden Glow.

Quick, face mask!

We don’t always have a lot of time to spend on our skincare routines in the height of party season, which is why we love quick-fix face masks.

Before an event, a face mask can inject much-needed moisture into dehydrated, fatigued skin and heplp plump-it up, which in turn helps with radiance and luminosity.

One of our favourites is the Origins x Madeleine Shaw Glow-Co-Nuts Hydrating Face Mask. Free from common chemical nasties, it contains coconut-based ingredients, in a whipped texture, which helps to immediately moisturise. Plus, like its name suggests, it really does give a gorgeous glow.

You can leave on for as little or long as you want, which is why we love it for this very stressful season.

Switch to a glow-inducing foundation

If you have been wearing a matte base this season, it’s time to swap it out. Matte foundations are great in the summer months, but in the winter, our skin needs a little extra moisture and radiance to keep it from looking dull and flat.

Opt for foundations with “hydrating” or “luminous” in their name as these will give you the best chance of faking that radiance.

One of our all-time favourites is the Giorgio Armami Luminous Silk Foundation. Rumoured to be loved by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, it’s one of the lightest face bases that also gives incredible coverage without leaving your skin flat and matte.



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