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Discover the EnergyCode with System Professional

Discover the EnergyCode with System Professional
Team LF
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The System Professional EnergyCode Complex is a technology designed to re-establish the hair’s natural lipid balance and protect the keratin for hair that feels reborn, visibly healthier and more responsive to touch, styling and colour.

How well do you know your hair?

You probably touch your hair over a hundred times a day and certainly care about it, but do you care for it?

We tend to care a lot about how our hair looks and focus on having the right colour, the right style and the right cut but we often don't consider our hair health.

System Professional want to help you unleash your hair's energy. Help you know it like you know yourself and do what is best for it so you can be your best self.

The secret to healthy hair

To System Professional, healthy hair starts with a personalised hair care routine.

They have discovered that our hair is as unique as our fingerprints which is why their range is made up of many different products for varying needs which can be used in a unique combination to create your own signature haircare routine.

Once you truly understand what your hair truly needs, System Professional treatments can be selected which are tailored to your specific hair and scalp needs. Your unique care system is made up from a combination of products from the System Professional care range.

Using your signature products will ensure truly effective results by providing you with a highly personalised care regime. Your System Professional EnergyCode is the key to keeping your hair full of life all year long.

Create your personalised haircare routine

Using a varied combination of products can help you achieve beautifully glossy, healthy hair. Whether you have oily roots and dry ends, colour treated or textured hair, considering your hair type and choosing different products across the System Professional range accordingly can help you create your own personal haircare routine.


Quench dehydrated hair with the System Professional Hydrate. Ideal for those with dry, brittle hair, the Hydrate range will intensely nourish and condition your hair for a smooth, healthy appearance. Its Formamoist Complex provides the hair with long-term moisture and works to prevent your hair from drying out over time.

Although intensely nourshing, the System Professional Hydrate is gloriously lighweight, making it the perfect range to help you achive healthy, bouncy locks.


Treat your hair to a deep cleanse with System Professional Purify. The deep cleansing products work to revive built up hair, lifting oil and impurities for an unrivalled hair cleanse.

Specifically designed to combat dandruff and scalp congestion, Purify utilises Zinc Pyrithione and Witch Hazel Extract to regulate dandruff and reduce  and soothe scalp inflammation. Hair will be left thoroughly cleansed and free of dandruff and issues related to a flaking scalp.


Give fine, limp hair the boost it desperately needs with the Volumize range from System Professional. The weightless cleansing range provides your hair with all the hydration and protection it needs without weighing it down.

Penetrating deep into the hair fibres to reinforce structure from within, the Volumize range fortifies fragile, weak locks whilst creating texture and definition for fuller, bouncier hair.

System Professional have also developed their Solar, Balance, Colour Save, Smoothen, Luxe Oil and Repair ranges to suitably care for all hair needs.

The secret to the EnergyCode is using products from each of the System Professional collections in combination to create your own perfect, bespoke routine.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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