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10 beauty trends you need on your radar in 2022

10 beauty trends you need on your radar in 2022
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert2 years ago
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New Year invites a sense of regeneration into our lives. So why should beauty trends be any different? 2022 brings a brand new entourage of beauty techniques, styles and ingredients to work into our routines. But which trends are the ones to watch this year? We’ve rounded up a list of the big beauty hitters you need to know about…

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice with a history of over 5000 years. It marks a holistic approach to wellness, designed to restore balance to our bodies with the idea that beauty begins from within. Placing a focus on natural herbs, organic ingredients and soothing fragrance, Ayurvedic beauty is about creating a harmonious connection between mind and body.


Sustainable beauty is the trend to try in 2022. Refillable formulas are an efficient way to cut down on excess packaging, meaning you can shop guilt-free. Discover refillable versions of your favourite products – from shampoo to self-tan, foundation to fragrance.

Lustrous Finishes

Keep your makeup glossy and glowing as we welcome back the lustrous trend. Moving beyond lip-based formulas, we are set to see a resurgence of non-sticky, hydrating products that give your look a little extra oomph. From metallic shadows to golden illuminators, expect makeup that makes a statement with dimensional textures and eye-catching finishes.

UV Protection

As we learn more about the dangers of UV rays, it’s time to invest in broad-spectrum protection. Even on a bitter winter’s day, sunrays can penetrate through the clouds, causing a myriad of negative side effects for your skin – from dark spots to fine lines to (in more serious cases) skin cancer. Find the sunscreen to suit your complexion with formulas that ward off sun damage, suitable for every season.


Get on board the vegan lifestyle with this plant-based alternative to retinol. A form of vitamin A, bakuchiol is believed to support cell turnover and collagen. It’s great for uneven tone and texture, working to leave complexions with a smoother surface. Plus, it even claims to minimise the risk of redness that might occur when using traditional retinol, making it a nice alternative for sensitive skin types.

Sexual Wellness

Gone are the days where talking about your vagina was seen as a ‘taboo’ subject. 2022’s agenda is all about wellness – and that includes the sexual kind. From listening to your libido to getting in touch with your vulva, this is the year we’re celebrating feminine hygiene, periods and sexual wellness. Let's learn to care for down there.

Organic Formulations

As we turn towards a more mindful and sustainable approach to beauty, organic products are making serious strides in the industry. Organic beauty refers to how products and their ingredients are farmed. Essentially, this means looking for ingredients grown with fewer pesticides and without artificial fertilisers, which gives many benefits for wildlife and the natural world.


This year, we’re shaping up our skincare routine. Facial toning is the newest trend we’re excited for, featuring non-invasive facials to promote a smooth, contoured complexion. If you’re looking for an at-home lifting treatment, explore the hi-tech beauty devices that help keep toning at the top of your to-do list.

Multi-functional Beauty

We’re asking our products to do more this year. That’s why 2022 will be flooded with products that serve more than one purpose. Featuring skincare-infused makeup and multi-tasking formulas, embrace the beauty buys that are both cost- and resource-effective. Time-pressed individuals, thank us later...


Fermented formulas look set to take centre stage in 2022, with kombucha (a vitamin-rich drink made with tea, yeast and bacteria) acting star of the show. Kombucha benefits include balancing the microbiome and mild exfoliation, as well as probiotic and antioxidant action – a true all-rounder, if ever we saw one.

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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