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The Making Of A Brand: Decléor

The Making Of A Brand: Decléor

Founded in 1974, Decléor was born through the energy and passion of Solange Dessimoulie, who had a desire to bring her knowledge of skincare to the masses. She later teamed forces with an expert in aromatherapy, Caroline Colliard to further develop her line of skincare and create a brand to rival even the most scientifically advanced.

Today, the brand stands as a beacon of luxury and innovative beauty products, blended with the finest essential oils to give you luminously healthy skin. For anyone who has been lucky enough to meet with Solange, the first thing they will tell you is how incredibly beautiful her skin looks. Her answer? Decléor of course…


How Did Decléor Begin?

When Solange was 25 years old, she suffered with a skin condition that was severe enough to admit her into hospital for treatment. While in hospital, she discovered that the main ingredient in the treatments doctors were using was something called Proline. As an amino acid, Proline helps to support the formation of collagen and elastin, which in turn helps to repair skin cells and leave your skin feeling protected and soothed.

It was this ingredient that Solange wanted to use to form the basis of her brand as she knew first hand its magical skincare benefits. In-keeping with the idea of beauty magic, Solange chose the name Cléor for her beauty brand, which literally translates as “the golden key.” It was taken from the French phrase “la clé en or qui ouvre le temple de la beauté”, which means “the golden key that opens the temple of beauty”. Solange wanted to open the area of skincare previously untapped to the masses, and deliver innovative and complexion-enhancing products.

Her first two launches were Circulagel and Prolagene, and are still being formulated and sold today!

The Development Of Aromatherapy Skincare

Four years later in 1978, Solange had a chance encounter with a trained aromatherapist and physiotherapist known as Caroline Colliard. Between them, they not only had the most enviable and radiant complexions, but a wealth of knowledge and experience. Caroline herself was the founder of the first beauty and aromatherapy centre in Paris! It was here that the modern values of Decléor were born.


The idea of using essential and plant oils on the skin itself had been an area previously untapped in the skincare industry, but was in fact a practice that had been used for thousands of years. Caroline discovered this on her many trips to Egypt where she discovered that the “mummifying” process, and the practice of embalming had involved using essential oils, which in turn helped to preserve the bodies.

Both Solange and Caroline wanted to use essential oils in their skincare products, and it was here that the next generation of Decléor products came into fruition.

The launch of Aromessence was the brand’s first foray into completely natural skincare based on the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. It was, and still is, a 100% natural and active formulation that nourishes your skin and gives it incredible radiance. It has a water-free base, which ensures that each essential oil stays preserved for longer, so you receive its maximum benefits, while its naturally antibacterial properties give you clean and healthy skin.

From the Aromessence skincare products came the Aromapressure technique, developed by Solange and now used in various luxurious spas’ all over the world. The idea is to practice mindfulness and take time to massage the essential oils into your skin so you receive their best benefits. You apply the oils to the various energy points on your face, which helps to drain toxins from your skin and increase your circulation.

The Decléor Brand Today

Today, the brand has grown from strength to strength, and now has a bank of 40 essential oils which Decléor refers to as their “Aroma Library.” They have more than 150 different formulations of products and continue to be world leaders when it comes to naturally effective and scientific led research that give their products incredible efficacy and uniqueness.

The ethos behind the brand was, and still is the body, skin and mind, which is where the Aromapressure and Aromessence products really come into play. Solange believes that in order to achieve great skin and a healthy complexion, you must unite your body, skin and mind into three entities that work in harmony with each other. Once you find this balance, you find yourself (and gorgeous and glowing skin too…)



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