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Our 2017 Beauty Trend Predictions

Our 2017 Beauty Trend Predictions

A new year is on its way and we’re so ready for all of the new trends, launches and discoveries to come in 2017. Before we kick things off, we thought we’d take a little look into the future and try to predict what some of the biggest beauty trends of 2017 might be.

From skincare switch-ups to makeup mix-ups, have a read and see whether you agree with us on what is to come in the world of beauty in the new year.

  1. Skincare Cocktails

    Throughout 2016, we’ve seen beauty fans becoming more and more educated about their skincare choices and we reckon this is going to continue into 2017.

    Say goodbye to prescriptive skincare regimes and hello to discovering the perfect cocktail for your skin; like multi-masking on a major scale.

    We think 2017 is going to be all about mixing and matching your favourite products and hero ingredients, with brands like the HERO Project and Hylamide showing us the way.

    So, get your reading glasses on and get ready to educate yourself on all things skin.

  2. All About the Ingredients

    We’ve seen the rise of natural beauty and clever skincare in 2016. Hand in hand with people becoming more educated about their skincare is a focus on what is inside our skincare.

    We think 2017 is going to be the year of the hero ingredients, from the most powerful natural extracts to the latest scientific discoveries.

    Look out for probiotic skincare, essential oils and all of the powerful basics like Retinol, AHAs and Hyaluronic Acid; you’ll need to be reading your ingredients lists in 2017!

  3. The New Textures

    Korea always leads the skincare trends and we think the one that we’re all going to fall in love with is all about the textures.

    You’ve already fallen for sheet masks but get ready to discover some new formulations and textures on the market in 2017.

    We’re thinking of things like Splash Masks and Bubble Masks, as well as new ways to experience our everyday products; think gels to water, balms to oil. It is all about the sensory experience. Watch this space for more.

  4. Blush over Contour

    2016 has been all about the contouring. We have seen amazing products launched to make contouring so simple and it has become part of their everyday makeup routine for thousands of women.

    However, we think that 2017 might just be the year that blush makes a comeback. We’ve seen flushed cheeks and rosy hues all over the runway looks for SS 17 and it looks so fresh.

    Look out for pretty cheek stains and clever cheek defining draping techniques, for an undone, effortless approach to beauty in 2017.

  5. All About the Contrasts

    Makeup feels like it is splitting into 2 approaches for 2017; vibrant, bold colour and natural, nude skin.

    The trend for natural, ‘second skin’ finishes in foundation looks set to continue, especially paired with flushed cheeks and undone brows. However, that doesn’t mean makeup has to be dull.

    A natural base makes the perfect foil for adventurous eye makeup and lipstick, like we’ve seen on the runways. A slick of orange lipstick against barely there skin looks modern and cool; the perfect contrast. We think this mix of looks is going to be the high fashion approach to beauty for 2017.

  6. Gloss over Matte

    So we all know that 2016 has been all about the matte lip. We have been head over heels for liquid lipsticks and Instagram has only encouraged the love affair.

    However, we’re feeling the winds of change coming and moods changing. As the weather warms up in Spring, we reckon it is going to be all about the gloss again.

    Juicy, vibrant lips, paired with bare skin and grungy eye makeup is a little bit 90s, a little bit sexy and a little bit rebellious and we think 2017 is going to be the year we fall back in love with that shine. Are you ready for the change?

  7. The New Grooming

    Brows are huge in the beauty world. Getting the perfect shape has become such an obsession that we happily spend a big chunk of time everyday penciling, brushing and shading in with a plethora of beauty products.

    We don’t think that is going to change in 2017 (who doesn’t love how a good brow frames your face?) but the way in which we get that shape might just.

    We think techniques like microplaning and brow dyeing are going to be huge this year; say goodbye to your tweezers and hello to a new way to groom.

  8. A Return of the Up-Do

    For hair, we think things are going to go up. The tousled lob has reigned supreme in 2016 but we think we’ll be seeing lots more experiments with styles and up-dos next year.

    Twists, braids, knots; we think that 2017 is going to be all about the effortless sophistication of an up-do with a difference; hair is going to be interesting next year,

    We’ve started seeing it on the runways and red carpets already and we think this is going to trickle down to our everyday. Get practicing your plaiting!

  9. Embrace Natural Texture

    With the rise of texturising spray and chopstick curling wands, we’re seeing people get excited about playing with texture and curls.

    It feels like 2017 might be the year that we all say goodbye to sleek locks and embrace our natural hair. Again, it is all part of the overall trend for looking carefree, effortless and natural.

    It will be all about natural movement, curls and waves, so we’ll be looking for the styling products that enhance rather than suppress.

  10. Shades of Grey

    Throughout 2016 we’ve seen so many people starting to experiment with their hair colour. Pastel tones have been everywhere and it has been beautiful!

    However, we think this trend is going to mature in 2017, with a subtler take on the look. Watch out for ashy blondes, icy balayages and grey undertones to natural hair colours.

    This is going year is going to be about sophisticated, customised colour but be warned; it’ll still need the upkeep! Start looking for the colour care now.

Have some trend predictions of your own? Share them with us over on our social media channels; search for lookfantastic on twitter, instagram and facebook.



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