Beauty Essentials for Cycling

Beauty Essentials for Cycling

The Tour de France is starting today and even though it is still a male only event (what is that about?) it still inspires us to get on our bikes and ride. After all, anything the boys can do, we can do better!

With amazing cyclists like Victoria Pendleton forging the way for female cyclists, it is an amazing way to exercise and with our recommendations, you can look and feel great however many miles you cover.

The Must-Haves for Cyclists

You definitely don't need makeup whilst exercising but if you can't live without mascara, then make sure it is a waterproof version. We love this one for adding gorgeous volume and the formula means it won't end up running down your face.

It goes without saying that an amazing deodorant is a must-have in your beauty bag before heading out on a long ride. We love this one because it leaves no marks or stains on your clothing as well as beating sweat.

Lots of pro cyclists swear by a warm up oil for getting their muscles ready before a ride. This one from Cowshed not only smells amazing but the Camphor, Clove Bud and Eucalyptus mean it warms on contact and helps improve circulation, fight inflammation and soothe muscles.

If you're cycling outside, your lips can take a real beating. Keep them hydrated and chap-free with an intense lip balm like this one from Eucerin. It even helps reduce any redness around the lips from chapping.

Helmets and hair can be a nightmare combination. Our foolproof hairstyle is a low ponytail or knot at the nape of the neck. Make sure you always have a few invisibobbles at hand and keep helmet hair at bay.

Victoria Pendleton loves a bold manicure- she says it helps her feel feminine even without a scrap of makeup and in sports clothes. If you want a girly touch, we love this gel effect polish from Rimmel for its hard-wearing, glossy finish.

Anyone spending a lot of time outdoors should use an SPF to protect the skin. This SPF 50+ UVA and UVB face lotion from Ultrasun is perfect even for sensitive skin and it is water-resistant so it keeps working at the same time as you do.

Help your muscles recover from a hard cycle with this bath soak from Mio. With ingredients like Arnica, Epsom Salts and Lavender, it works to soothe muscles for a speedy recovery. You'll be ready to go on your next cycle before you know it!

Feeling the pain after a hard cycle? Check out our top tips for soothing sore muscles.



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