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Behind the Scenes at the Redken Symposium 2016

Behind the Scenes at the Redken Symposium 2016

Every year, Redken hold Symposiums for their stylists. They are like a big conference just for stylists, where Redken showcase their newest products and some of the best hair stylists in the world discuss current trends and new techniques.

This year, Beckie and I were lucky enough to head out to Barcelona with the Redken team to experience the Symposium, meet the stylists and learn about all things Redken and hair. I thought I would give you a taste of what we got up to and a little insight into the Redken tribe.

Who are Redken?

I’m sure you might have heard of Redken before, but in case you haven’t, here is a little introduction. They started in 1960 as the brainchild of Paula Kent and Jehri Redding (hence the name Redken!). These two pioneered a scientific approach to haircare formulas, with innovative ingredients that have led to award winning, bestselling products.

Today, their collection of haircare and styling products are in salons all over the world as well as behind the scenes at Fashion Week. They are pioneers in the hair industry, there at the start of every trend. No surprise then that there was a lot to see and learn over the 3 days!

Redken Symposium on Tour 2016

The Talks

Redken training Symposium tribe talks

Redken is all about education, and their Symposiums are all about learning more about haircare. It was a fantastic opportunity for the Lookfantastic team to be part of it, as the more we can know about hair, the more advice and expertise we can share with you!

Across 2 days, there were 5 different in-depth sessions on different hair techniques. These covered everything from technical colour blending methods to the inspiration behind the latest catwalk hair trends, all presented by hair styling experts.

The talks were massive productions, almost like fashion shows, with live models having their hair cut, coloured and styled live on stage. With incredible clothes, lighting and choreography, these must have involved months of preparation and it was amazing to be part of.

The Venue

Curvaceous RangeStyling Station Trying the products

The whole event took place at the CCIB in Barcelona. As well as the huge auditorium with thousands of stylists watching the talks, there was space to discover the latest Redken products, learn about the brand and try things out. With so many hair stylists there, it is no surprise that we picked up a lot of inspiration and tips!

What to look out for? There is a new volume collection coming soon that we know you’re going to love (just watch this space!), the relaunched Curvaceous collection is a must-try for curly haired girls and the Pillow Proof Primer is an essential styling primer for everyone.

The Stylists

Redken Stylists

The real privilege of being at the Symposium was the chance to watch some of the finest stylists in the world at work. Each talk was hosted by 3 different stylists, from countries all over the world. Each with different expertise across colouring, styling and cutting, these are the people leading the whole Redken tribe with up-to-the minute techniques and information.

Just a few of the incredible names we were able to chat to were Sam Villa, Ludovic Beckers and Garry Russell.

Sam is the Redken Education Artistic Director who leads the Redken stylist network worldwide after over 30 years in the industry. Ludovic is originally from Belgium and has won over 100 national and international awards for his work. He is known for his experitise in cutting techniques. Gary Russell is a leading stylist has worked with the biggest names in the hair industry over the last few decades.

The Looks

braids model walking Models pastel hair

There was such a variety of looks and styles created across the 2 days. Like high fashion catwalk looks, they were all a little avant-garde, dramatic and adventurous, pushing their creative boundaries. We had a brief chance to get up close and personal for some shots of the models.

The key is to see how the looks from the Symposium can adapt for everyday, and we definitely spotted 3 main trends: Braids are everywhere, colours are textured and multifaceted, and the long bob is here to stay! Which is going to be your must-try look?

We’re sharing so many haircare tips and secrets for Haircare Awareness Month on the blog. Browse through the posts for all the expert advice.



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