Goldwell For Coloured Hair

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Why spend money on colouring your hair if your precious tone is just going to fade? Luckily, you can protect against fading and discolouration with our carefully-selected range of Goldwell Colour products. This collection includes shampoos, conditioners and special treatments. Some are designed to be used all over your hair. Others go straight to the root of the problem - literally! Use them to touch up your roots in-between visits to the salon for an instantly fresher look.

Goldwell Colour products have been formulated for use on specific tones. Choose the right one for your hair, whether that's blonde, redhead, or brown. Many products are specialised even more, with different formulas used for light or dark blonde, dark brown or black. The ingredients are specially selected to combat the particular problems that different hair colours face.

Use of these products can prolong the lifespan of your hair colour, keeping it saturated and fresh long after you've left the salon.

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