MAC Pro Palettes

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Create your own customised makeup palette with MAC's Pro Palettes here on Lookfantastic. These empty palettes provide you with the freedom to produce your very own, unique colour combinations within a kit, whether you choose to fill them with eye shadows, concealers, powders or blusher. The palettes' sleek and modern designs make these tools lovely additions to your makeup collection, whilst the light weight design make them convenient for on-the-go use.

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How Do MAC Pro Palettes Work?

MAC Pro Palettes are unoccupied makeup palettes that allow you to pick the infills, meaning that you can have all of your favourite products within one handy kit! The Pro Palettes can hold a range of compacts and inserts, including MAC blushers, eye shadows, studio finish concealers and cream colour bases. Available in the sizes small, medium and large, these tools can carry up to 24 infills, allowing you to create your dream colour collection.

Pro Palette Small (Compact)

Create your own ultimate contour kit and personally pick shades from MAC's blushes, shaping powders or sculpting powders with this duo palette. This tool is ideal if you want to store your Mac Powder Blush Pro Palette, Cream Colour Base Pro Pallete or Sculpting Powder Pro Palette within one convenient place.

Pro Palette Shadow/Concealer x24 (Insert)

If you want a palette that hold up to 24 different MAC products, then the Pro Palette Shadow/Concealer (Insert) is the product for you. Perfect for all formulas, including gel, powder, cream or emulsion, this tool can be used to store all of your favourite lipsticks or even creating your own, personalised MAC eye shadow palette.