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Discover the benefits of using face mists

Face mists are becoming an increasingly popular part of a skincare routine, and once you hear about their many benefits you'll soon understand why. They work to refresh and hydrate the skin, leaving it with a revitalised, healthy and dewy appearance, making them a must-have product for many people.

One of the great things about facial mists is that they're multifunctional, as they provide a burst of rejuvenating freshness to the skin, as well as being formulated to soothe and nourish the skin. Some face mists aim to tighten and close your pores against any dirt or pollutants that can clog them and negatively affect your skin. You can also use a facial mist to set your makeup, ensuring you look just as fabulous at the end of the day as when you left the house.

You can choose between a variety of face mists to suit your skin type – for example, if you have dry and sensitive skin, you can opt for something hydrating with minimal excess ingredients that could irritate your skin. You can also choose between facial mists that work to tan your skin, or provide UV protection, among many others.

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