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An essential for great nail polish application is to ensure that your nails are healthy, smooth and looking amazing. With a solution to every nail problem, you'll be able to restore your nails back to full health.
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Nail Creams work on restoring your nails back to perfection by working with a similar concept to rejuvenating your body. Nourishing, strengthening and beautifying nails to keep them strong and flexible. Fighting away infections whilst penetrating deep into your skin to bring dry, brittle nails back to life.
Nail Whiteners eradicates yellowing caused by polishes, nail glue and nail polish removers. Brightening your nails and restoring the natural shade of your nails with professional formulas designed to leave you with results instantly.
Nail Varnish Removers gently wipe away nail polish whilst working on hydrating your nails and cuticles. Ensuring that colour removal is quick and easy whilst making nails stronger.
Ridge Fillers keep your nails smooth and ensure for an even coat with every use. Filling out any ridges or bumps to leave your nails looking and feeling smooth.
Quick Dry formulas take the waiting out of a manicure, by speeding up the drying process you prevent smudging and finger marks from ruining your preened and high gloss polish application.
Cuticle Care really works into your skin to soften, moisturize and remove excess skin to keep your fingers looking well groomed, healthy and neat.
Nail Strengtheners & Protectors transform dry, brittle, weak, sensitive and peeling nails into the perfect 10. Leaving them looking and feeling strong and healthy again.
Nail Varnish Correctors keep your polish in line, cleaning up messy bit or mistakes with an easy to use formula. Ensuring that cuticles are clear and polish looks neat, you'll never know what you did without this miracle tool.
Nail Oils penetrate into your nails to soften, nourish and speed up varnish drying. Perfect for handy handbag hydration on the move, your nails will feel refreshed look strong and healthy after using these oils.
Nail Biting is one of the most common bad habits that people pick up. Making hands look untidy and leaving them sore makes this behavior seem like a crazy thing to do. With the Nail Biting products in this range, you can stop yourself from destroying your manicure, from foul tasting liquids to liquids that promote growth and strength; you'll have your beautiful nails back in no time.
Nail Essentials really are the necessary tools needed to keep your nails looking manicure friendly. From formulas designed to revive your polishes to manicure gloves and tools all essential in the up keep of your manicure.