Organic & Natural Face Products

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Get the best from your complexion with the Face range at LookFantastic, designed to work on each different level of skin care whilst targeting specific problems and areas that need that little bit of extra TLC.
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Toners thoroughly remove impurities and dramatically improve the tone and surface of your skin; tightening pores with natural and organic solutions that really work alongside your skins natural balances.
Masks enable you to give your skin a pampering after a tough time. Offering extra help during winter months or for when your skin is tight from dehydration. Using organics ingredients, you'll experience the beauty that nature has to offer.
Exfoliators & Scrubs buff away dead skin cells, dirt and impurities to leave the surface of your skin clean and clear, enabling following treatments to become more beneficial to your skin.
Oils & Serums work with a different texture to deliver potent and rich treatment for your skin. Targeting specific problems that need an extra pampering.
Refreshers & Mists revitalize tired, dull skin with just a lightweight spritz, leaving you feeling refreshed.
Balms work on a potent level to deeply penetrate your skin for a comforting and hydrating finish.
Cleansers are the first step to getting a clear complexion, improving the tone and radiance of your skin by using organic and natural ingredients to really leave your skin refreshed.
Moisturizers lock in moisture whilst providing you with a rich source of hydration, keeping skin soft and supple whilst improving the youthful appearance of your skin by boosting elasticity.
The Eyes are the most delicate area of your face, with skin that needs constant replenishment it's important to find products with natural and organic ingredients to soothe and nourish this sensitive area.
Your Lips are under a constant battle against the environment to stay hydrated and healthy; because the lips have a different skin type they are more prone to become chapped, especially during the winter months, they need to have a constant source of moisture and nourishment.
Eye Make-Up Removers really work on your face to remove any make-up and impurities with gentle formulas that don?t irritate the skin.
The Special Care section target specific skin problems to provide a nourishing, hydrating and repairing treatment for your skin. From ageing to spot prone skin, these solutions regenerate and clear skin to leave your complexion clean and under control.