Waterproof Makeup Remover

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Do you struggle to get your makeup off at the end of the day? Discover our range of waterproof makeup removers today.

We can all agree that waterproof makeup is one of the world's greatest achievements. Mascara that can last through your best friend's wedding ceremony, or being able to wear a perfectly precise winged liner all day long during hay fever season? It's the answer to every beauty lover's prayers. That is, until it's time to take the stuff off. Gone are the days of a long cleansing process, thanks to waterproof makeup removers.

These powerful cleansers glide over the skin and melt away even the toughest of waterproof formulas for gentle makeup removal without the need for excessive scrubbing (which can be pretty damaging to the delicate skin around the eyes). From cleansing milks to balms, gels to oils, you can choose a formula to suit your skin type or concern, without compromising on efficacy.

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