Gym Bag Essentials

A good gym session can make you feel on top of the world; all the endorphins get pumping, your energy levels rise and you feel amazing. However, you might also feel hot, sweaty and tired. We are sharing our gym bag essentials that will refresh, revive and revitalise so you can go that bit further at the gym while still looking and feeling great.

6 Gym Bag Essentials


If you tend to get hot and red in the face, this spray is a total must have. Cooling and hydrating on the skin, just spritz over your face, neck and wrists to completely calm your skin. Plus the handy little bottle is easy to keep in your gym bag for whenever you need a burst of freshness.

Face wipes are an absolute lifesaver at the gym. Whether to remove your makeup before you get going or to clean away any sweat or dirt afterwards, these will keep your skin glowing and healthy whilst you work out.

No gym bag could be complete without some Mio. This kit is perfect to take with you on the go. Get muscles moving by applying the invigorating Workout Wonder Gel and then when your done, use the wipes to cleanse your face and body. You'll be in and out of the gym in a flash, looking and feeling great.

This balm is a total saviour after a hard workout. With powerful ingredients like Arnica and Menthol, It soothes sore muscles, helps to relieve pain and promotes speedier recovery. What more could you want?

Whether you're lifting weights, out on a bike, running or swimming, our hands tend to bear the brunt of working out. The cult Eight Hour Cream soothes and protects skin. Keep a tube handy in your gym bag and your hard-working hands will thank you!

When you are short on time, there might not be the chance to give your hair a proper clean post workout. This is when you can thank your stars for Dry Shampoo! We love this one from Evo as it also doubles as a styling product so you can keep your hair looking amazing in one step.



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