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Managing Stress with This Works

Managing Stress with This Works
Team LF
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Stress is one of the most debilitating conditions we can put our minds and bodies under, so learning how to manage it is essential to keeping yourself healthy and balanced. As This Works are the experts when it comes to sleep, it comes as little surprise that they know a thing or two too,about managing stress and staying happy and positive.

What is Stress?

Simply put, stress can be described as feelings of physical and emotional pressure that cause you anxiety, worry and upset. It radically affects your mood and energy levels, and can debilitate your ability to go about your daily activities.

Scientifically speaking, stress causes a rush of hormones in your body that can lead to raised blood pressure levels and increased heart rate. While these are fine for the body to endure for short periods of time, stress is a longer-term condition that causes these hormones to be continually released. This can result in problems from headaches and high blood pressure, to low moods and digestive issues.

Why do we get stressed?

If you are feeling particularly stressed, anxious or worried, it's important to try and address the reasons why.

  • Are you feeling worried about work? If you are, make a list of what tasks you need to complete and what is worrying you, and speak to your manager. They will be able to help alleviate some of your concerns and set up ways that you can manage your workload and time better to help remedy the stress of being overloaded with work.
  • Are you stressed about your personal life? If you're struggling with balancing work and family life, finances, or friendships, make a list of everything that is worrying about you and talk to someone who you can trust, such as your partner, family member or friend. They will be able to give you a fresh perspective on a stressful situation and help you see things a little more clearly.

Managing Stress

There is no one cure to managing stress, so it's important to find out what best works for you and try and find a solution that suits your emotional and physical needs. However, a good night's sleep, and the use of certain essential oils can help everyone to combat feelings of anxiety and worry, and leave you with a lot more positivity in your life.

The new Stress Check collection from This Works has been especially formulated with a unique blend of botanicals and essential oils that leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed and a lot more relaxed! While you can use the products just before bedtime to help calm feelings of stress from the day, they can also be used in the morning before you start your day to help you begin in the best possible way.

    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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