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Why CBD and Hemp skincare are the next big beauty trends for 2019

Why CBD and Hemp skincare are the next big beauty trends for 2019
Team LF
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If, like us, you are obsessed with beauty trends and finding the next 'must-have' ingredient to add to your routine, you will probably know that Cannabis is set to be the next big thing in beauty.

Known to heal irritation, soothe the skin and balance oils, cannabinoids work instantly as our bodies have native receptors to them meaning the wonderful results from skincare enriched with Cannabis extracts can be noticed straightaway.

One important distinction to make before you venture into the world of CBD and Hemp skincare is that skincare products sold in the UK contain very little to no THC - the psychoactive and illegal compound of Cannabis.

All products contain CBD, known as cannabidiol, or Hemp, which are extracted from the flowers and buds on the Cannabis plant but have no psychoactive effects. They simply work to improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

CBD and Hemp skincare

With more and more research going into the skin-perfecting effects of CBD and Hemp, you can expect so many more Cannabis-infused beauty products to be developed and released over the next few years.

To help you stay ahead of the trend, we have gathered together a few of our favourite products enriched with CBD and Hemp which promise to heal, care for and improve the appearance of your skin.

CBD skincare

MGC Derma CBD Stem Cells and Algae All Night Cream

Enriched with a glow-boosting blend of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and of course CBD, this rich and luxurious night cream deeply nourishes and plumps your skin as you sleep.

Targeting the signs of ageing and working to smooth your skin for a supple and youthful appearance, it is perfect for those with normal to dry and mature skin in need of moisture.

Radical Skincare Rejuvafirm CBD Oil

Facial oils make the perfect addition to any anti-ageing skincare regime and this Rejuvafirm CBD Oil works to encourage cell activity and renewal to reveal a more youthful visage with every application.

Enriched with a host of nourishing ingredients including Cannabis Sativa Seed, the nutrient-rich oil protects the skin from environmental aggressors, pollution and free radical damage to keep skin calm and clear with a youthful glow.

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum

Intensely soothing and hydrating, this revitalising serum from Murad is enriched with a host of potent skin-loving ingredients including Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil to deliver much needed moisture to your complexion.

Wild Indigo and Caffeine target and soothe puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes to leave your overall visage brighter with a healthy glow.

KIKI Health CBD Oil 5%

As stress and anxiety can lead to breakouts and skin irritation, CBD wellbeing products which work to calm your mind are a perfect addition to any beauty routine. Lightweight with a pleasant taste, this CBD Oil from KIKI Health helps to calm anxiety and even reduce skin inflammation when taken.

Dr Buddi CBD Oil 25%

Working to relieve nausea, pain, inflammation and calm anxiety, Dr Buddi CBD Oil 25% is ideal for those who struggle with a busy, stressed mind. With a higher concentration of CBD Oil than many products on the market, the vegan oil blend boasts many health benefits and perfectly supplements any wellness rituals you may already partake in.

Hemp skincare

Tonik No.4 Hemp Seed Oil

Nourishing your skin and body from the inside out, these little supplements are packed full of nutrient-rich Hemp Seeds which boast an array of health-boosting properties and benefits.

High in fatty acids and Vitamin E, they work to regulate hormone imbalances which can head to breakouts and inflammation of the skin. As the supplements are also rich in Omegas 6 and 9, they also work to provide relief for those suffering with disorders such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil

Ultra-hydrating and radiance-boosting, this luxurious Face Oil from Eve Lom keeps skin silky soft and hydrated for up to twelve hours after application.

Like many Hemp moisturisers, the concentrated treatment calms and nourishes the skin to leave your complexion plump and supple. Additions of Vitamin C and Rosemary Leaf Extract also work to protect against environmental aggressors to minimise the visible signs of ageing.

MÁDARA Hemp Hemp Lip Balm

Keep your lips super soft and hydrated throughout the day with this moisturising formula. Enriched with Hemp Oil as well as other natural conditioners including Olive Oil and Shea Butter, the rich formula is the perfect SOS for chapped lips.

Complete with an uplifting fresh and citrus scent, with hints of nutty Hemp, it is the perfect product to apply whenever you feel your lips need a little hydration throughout the day.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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