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How to: brushed up brows

How to: brushed up brows
Team LF
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Straight from the runways and the Instagram accounts of our favourite makeup artists, brushed up brows are our new beauty obsession.

Framing the fact perfectly, brushed up brows are maximised in volume and add a fluffy almost androgynous 'boys brow' finish to any look. Teamed either with ultra-natural, glossy makeup or a glamorous, full-coverage look, brushed up brows are sure to make a statement.

How to create brushed up brows

If you want to add fullness and volume to your brows, simply choosing the right products to add soft definition to your natural brows is the first step. First of all, choose the perfect shade for your brows.

If you want to stay natural, opt for a shade which matches your natural hair. If you want to go bold and add a strong brow to match a full makeup look, go slightly darker.

Let your shade selection match your confidence level! If you feel apprehensive, opt for a shade lighter than usual and build up the intensity with more applications; If you are a confident brow expert match your shade and go! - Sal, Eyebrow King @salihsworld -

Brushed up brows with Urban Decay

You can create this stunning, on-trend look using the brand new collection of brow products from Urban Decay. We have teamed up with them and Sal to take you through the three simple steps it takes to build, add fullness and create the ultimate brushed up brows.


Taking the pencil end of the Urban Decay Brow Blade, begin to fill any sparse areas of your brows using feather-light, hair-like strokes. Follow the natural arch of your brow to define your shape and perfectly enhance your natural brows.


Switch your Brow Blade around and begin to use the ultra-precise ink stain on your brows. Use the pen to whisp out the brows, beginning at the end of the tail to add beautiful definition. With a light hand, the ink can create super fine strokes which look just like your natural brow hairs and gradually build up to create a full finish.


Take Urban Decay Double Down Brow Powder in your perfect shade (Sal uses 'Dark Drapes') and build up your colour and add depth to create a statement brow. Add as much colour as you desire. If you want to keep your brows super natural for a no-makeup makeup look, skip this step.


Set everything in place with Urban Decay Brow Finish Setting Gel in Ozone. The clear gel will not add any colour but simply fluff up the brows a little more and lock the hairs in place.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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