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Perfect brows 3 ways with Benefit and Hello October

Perfect brows 3 ways with Benefit and Hello October
Team LF
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Creating the perfect brow can be quite difficult but Benefit make it ever so easy. With a full range of products to sculpt, define and perfect your brows, you will be able to create the perfect brow look to compliment your makeup in a matter of minutes.

We teamed up with Benefit and Suzie from HelloOctober to give you the low down on all things brows. Each tutorial creates a different brow look whether you want a fluffy, natural day-ready brow or a bold, sculpted brow look for a night out.

The 60-second brow

Whether you only have a minute to spare or want to create an ultra-natural brow look, the 60 second brow is perfect for you.

  1. Take the benefit Gimme Brow and brush the product through your brows. The gel adds a subtle tint to your brows whilst creating natural fullness and definiton.
  2. Use the small brush to sculpt and shape your brows brushing them neatly in the direction of hair growth for smooth sleek brows or in upwards motions for a more natural, fluffy brow look.

Natural, defined brow

Perfect for day or night, a natural defined brow is our favourite go-to brow look and is so easy to create.

  1. Brush through your brows with the spoolie end of the benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil.
  2. Once tamed, use the pencil end of the benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil to apply fine, hair-like strokes into your brows. Create your perfect shape and add subtle fullness to your brows with the pencil and create anything from a natural brow to a full, defined look.
  3. Finally, set your brows with the benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter. Brush the product through your brows to make sure they stay in place all day.

Brows to match a bold lip

A bold lip calls for a strong brow look. Create an ultra-defined, strong brow look with ease with benefit brow products.

  1. Start by brushing through and slightly shaping your brows with the spoolie end of the benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil.
  2. Fill in your brows using the benefit Ka-Brow!, a waterproof, long-lasting brow pomade. Using feather-light strokes, shape and define your brows, filling in any gaps and creating your desired shape.
  3. Highlight your brow bone to accentuate and lift your sculpted brow with the benefit High Brow Glow Brow Highlighter.
  4. Add a bold pop of colour to your lips with the eye-catching benefit They're Real Revved-Up Red Lipstick.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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