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Summer Beauty Problems Solved

Summer Beauty Problems Solved

We love the Summer months but it can take its toll on our beauty regime. We’re talking about the ways you can solve those common beauty problems we all suffer in the Summer. You’ll look and feel your best this Summer with our beauty hacks and recommendations.

10 Summer Beauty Saviours

  1. Dry Hair
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    Dry Hair

    The Problem: Your hair is feeling dry and brittle from the heat and sunshine, becoming prone to breakage and looking dull.

    The Solution: Repair damaged hair with intensive masks. Look for ones containing natural oils to nourish the cuticle and protein complexes to help rebuild the hair shaft.

    Try: Phyto’s PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Mask. It is specifically designed to help repair and replenish damaged hair, with Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration.

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  2. Red Skin
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    Red Skin

    The Problem: Warmer weather leaves your face looking red and uneven as well as a little uncomfortable. If you suffer from Rosacea, this can be triggered by the sunshine and heat.

    The Solution: Look for treatments which work on restricting and strengthening blood vessels in the skin. These will target redness at the source.

    Try: La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Serum. Not only is this hydration serum totally safe for sensitive skins, it tackles the symptoms of Rosacea and leaves your skin calm and smooth.

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  3. Dehydrated Skin
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    Dehydrated Skin

    The Problem: Air conditioning and hot Summer days are leaving your skin looking rough and dry.

    The Solution: Dehydrated skin can look dull and lacklustre. Restore the essential moisture with an intensive overnight mask; just apply after cleansing and let it soak in until the morning.

    Try: Origins Maskimizer & Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Duo. Drink Up is one of our go-to products for revitalising dehydrated skin and the new Maskimiser boosts its effect for an intense hit of moisture.

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  4. Oily Skin
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    Oily Skin

    The Problem: Totally the opposite of dehydration, the heat turns your face into an oil slick by lunchtime.

    The Solution: Try to counteract shine with mattifying face products in the morning and have a great oil absorber for on-the-go touchups.

    Try: Shiseido’s Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper is a total lifesaver on sunny days. The papers absorb oil without dislodging makeup and even work to reduce oil production in the longterm.

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  5. Bleached Out Colour
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    Bleached Out Colour

    The Problem: The sunshine is fading out your highlights or colour, leaving hair dull and brassy.

    The Solution: Using UV protection for your hair – SPFs aren’t jsut for skin! It is essential for helping keep colour bright and glossy.

    Try: The Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Treatment Spray. This is a total essential for coloured hair; it protects again the sun, colour fading, breakage, frizz and heat to keep your hair as healthy as when you first left the salon.

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  6. Breakouts
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    The Problem: Extra oil, thick sun creams and sweat can make skin break out during the Summer.

    The Solution: A great cleanser is an essential. Make sure to give skin an extra cleanse after removing your makeup – double cleansing helps remove all that extra debris.

    Try: The Murad Pore Reform Daily Cleansing Foam. With AHAs, Witch Hazel and an energising Pomegranate complex, it helps clear out pores and remove any dead skin so your face is left squeaky clean without being stripped of essential moisture.

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  7. Unsightly Feet
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    Unsightly Feet

    The Problem: Those summery sandals cause chaos for our feet, rubbing and causing blisters, whilst our heels can end up rough and dry.

    The Solution: Give feet a treat with an intense balm which helps reduce sweating, protect against blisters and leave skin soft and supple.

    Try: Weleda Foot Balm. This all natural balm contains natural antiseptics and astringents to keep any bacteria at bay and heal any marks, whilst the Lavender and Rosemary give it a beautifully refreshing feel.

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  8. Frizzy Hair
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    Frizzy Hair

    The Problem: The heat and humidity makes our hair look a little like Monica on Friends when they went to Barbados: Unruly and frizzy!

    The Solution: Fend against frizz with a humidity-fighting styling product. It will help keep things under control as the temperatures rise.

    Try: Sexy Hair Smooth Frizz Eliminator Serum. Containing Coconut Oil, this lightweight humidity-resistant serum will leave locks glossy and smooth all day long.

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  9. Makeup Slip
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    Makeup Slip

    The Problem:  The temperatures rise and our makeup just seems to melt off our faces, leaving eye makeup smudged and skintone uneven.

    The Solution: Using waterproof formulas. These will help keep eye makeup in place all day long, no matter how warm it gets. Just be sure to cleanse thoroughly at night to keep your skin healthy.

    Try: Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara. It gives gorgeous volume and won’t budge in the heat. To keep face makeup in place, use oil-free foundations and set it with a spray like the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist.

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  10. Dry Lips
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    Dry Lips

    The Problem: Sunshine and air conditioning dehydrates the lips, leaving them sore and flakey.

    The Solution: The key is to exfoliate, hydrate and protect. Amelia has talked about the full routine for perfect Summer lips but be sure to keep an SPF lip balm at hand to top up your treatment on-the-go.

    Try: Coola’s Liplux in Vanilla Peppermint. It smells amazing, has some incredible organic ingredients and has an SPF of 15, all in a handy stick.

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